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We are available to fit underfloor heating in the Ebbw Vale and Merthyr Tydfil areas of South Wales. Whether you want underfloor heating in your bathroom, living room, hallway, or all over the property, we are the ones to contact. Let us know where you want the heating installed and we can provide a highly competitive quote for the work.

Upgrade your Bathroom with Underfloor Heating

When it comes to must-have home improvements, underfloor heating is currently one of the most popular. Stepping onto a warm floor adds an element of luxury to a room.

The best time to install underfloor heating is when you are renovating a space. This is because the existing floor needs to be removed for underfloor heating to be fitted. It makes sense to have the heating changed while having the rooms redecorated or refitted.

Why Install Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is more evenly spread. As the heat comes from the whole flooring area rather than from a single radiator, there are no cooler areas in the room.

Underfloor heating is ideal for homes that are occupied for most of the day. That’s because this style of heating is designed to be left on all the time but at a lower temperature.

Radiators are not required with underfloor heating. This is beneficial for smaller rooms and also for rooms with little wall space. The lack of radiators also provides a minimalist and neat look to a room.

Does Underfloor Heating Suit Every Home?

Underfloor heating can be installed in most homes and rooms. It must be designed properly to ensure that the areas are well heated. Use an experienced installer, such as the team at Valley Gas, to get the most out of underfloor heating.

When considering what rooms to have underfloor heating installed, think about the floor covering you want. Tiles and stone flooring work very well, this is because these materials conduct the heat well. Carpet, however, doesn’t work as efficiently but instead acts as an insulator, keeping the heat trapped underneath. This is why underfloor heating is most commonly installed in bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

Ask us for a quote to install your underfloor heating. We can answer your questions concerning the systems and if they are suitable for your home. Contact us today.