From a toilet flush that has stopped working to stubborn blockages, we are here to repair your toilet. Contact us to fix the toilet as soon as you notice it has stopped working efficiently.

We have the experience and training to complete all kinds of repairs to toilets and our rates are highly competitive.

Our staff arrives at your home on time and ready to complete the repairs straight away.

The team at Valley Gas is ready to take your call when your toilet is:

  • Lacking a water supply
  • Not flushing effectively
  • Leaking
  • Flushing continuously
  • The overflow is running
  • Blocked
  • Cracked toilet bowl

With many years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, we are available to deal with every type of toilet issue.

Toilet Not Working Properly?

The toilet in any household gets used many times every day and it can be frustrating when this fixture doesn’t work properly. Don’t put up with a substandard toilet – we can repair it so it functions effectively.

We are available to fix toilet issues in Merthyr Tydfil, Ebbw Vale, and the surrounding areas of South Wales.

Whether your toilet is in the bathroom, in the en-suite, or a downstairs cloakroom, we are available to complete the work you require.

Trust Us to Repair Your Toilet Flush

Faulty toilet flushes are a common issue we come across. When the flush continuously runs it’s a waste of water that could push up your bill. We can repair this issue by replacing the flush mechanism. Similarly, if your toilet overflow is running, a repair can stop the cistern from filling too high. To put these issues right we are available to repair the toilet or replace the cistern or the whole system.

We can provide a quote for the different options available providing you with a choice. Let us know what you want and we will complete the changes to your satisfaction.

Toilet Blockages Fixed

There are multiple reasons for a toilet becoming blocked. It could be caused by an ineffective flush or a problem with the waste pipes. Rely on us to find the problem and correct it. We are also available to clear a blockage. Using the correct professional equipment we can get the wastewater draining again properly.

As well as repairing toilets, we replace toilet systems and install new ones. Modern toilets are highly efficient and use less water which is better for the environment and can reduce your water bills. Call our team for a quote today.