Are you looking for a plumber to repair your shower or tap? This type of general plumbing work is our speciality. We have plenty of experience installing and repairing many different types of showers and taps.

Our team of trained plumbers is available in Merthyr Tydfil and Ebbw Vale for bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Contact us to discuss what you need.

Showers Repaired, Replaced, or Installed

The team at Valley Gas is available to repair showers. If your shower is leaking, dripping, or has lost power, we are ready to take a look and provide a quote for the repairs required. Trust us to fix your shower and get it running properly again. Our rates are competitive and you’ll find our standards are high for every job we do.

When it’s time to replace your shower with a newer model, we are the team to call. We can upgrade the showerhead, controls, and shower tray, let us know what you want and we will meet your requirements. Many of the latest showers are more water-efficient and better for the environment. We are here to replace showers in the bathroom, en-suite or wet room – just tell us what you are looking for.

If you want a new shower installed including the water pipes and wastewater outlet, we are the company to call. Let us give you a price for creating a shower in a new space. We have installed wet rooms and shower rooms in many homes and are ready to fit your new shower next.

Taps Repaired, Replaced, & Installed

Our team of qualified plumbers is ready to install new taps in your home. If you are adding a utility room and want taps fitted, contact us for a quote. Garden taps can be installed to make watering the plants or cleaning the patio easier. Wherever you want a new tap installed, we can fit it to your satisfaction.

We are here to replace a broken tap when the old one cannot be repaired. And if you just want to upgrade the existing taps for a different style, we can do that too. Why not change the kitchen tap for one with a detachable spray version? Discuss what you have in mind with our team today.

Dripping taps or taps that are difficult to turn on can be repaired by our team of experienced plumbers. Get your taps working properly again – call us for a quote.