Blockages can occur in pipes inside the home from time to time. Small blockages can often be cleared by using supermarket products but sometimes these aren’t strong enough. When there’s a stubborn build-up of grease, hair, and food in the pipes it needs a professional to shift it.

If you need internal blockages cleared in Ebbw Vale and Merthyr Tydfil, contact us and we will be with you quickly. We have the expertise to unblock pipes and drains inside your property.

How do Pipes and Drains get Blocked?

Blocked waste pipes happen in the kitchen or bathroom stopping the water from draining away effectively. The pipes become blocked when fat, hair, soap scum, and food items build up inside the pipes slowing the flow of the wastewater until it stops completely. If left unchecked, the blockage becomes so bad that it causes foul smells. In toilets, blockages can be caused by baby wipes and sanitary items that get stuck. These items don’t go easily around the bends in the pipes and should not be flushed. If your flush isn’t strong enough, it can also cause items to become stuck in the toilet waste pipe. Whatever causes your blockage, an experienced plumber can clear the pipes using specialist tools and equipment.

Occasionally it can be the design of the wastewater pipes that cause blockages. Bends in the pipe network that are too tight or sections that are too narrow can prevent the water from flowing out properly. We can improve this for you to correct the problem properly.

Rely on us to Unblock Internal Pipes

We can resolve your blockage problems using professional equipment. With our years of experience, we know how to get to the heart of a blockage and clear it. As soon as you find your pipes and drains are not working effectively, give us a call and we will resolve the problem.

Blocked drains should be dealt with effectively. At Valley Gas, we have trained staff available to clear internal pipes and drains professionally.

Blockages can become a health hazard if they are not cleared properly. When water doesn’t drain effectively you can be left with foul smells as bacteria build-up. Don’t ignore backed-up pipes, call in a team who can unblock your pipes and drains thoroughly.