We repair burst pipes in the Merthyr Tydfil and Ebbw Vale area of South Wales. Our team has years of experience and gets to the problem immediately. We stop the leak and complete a repair with no fuss or mess. Rely on us to get the work done to the highest standard.

What Causes a Pipe to Burst?

Pipes burst in the winter when the temperature falls. Water freezes inside pipes that are not insulated. Frozen water expands which splits the pipe or separates the joints. As soon as the water thaws again it leaks through the damaged pipes. Water can pour through ceilings, floors, and walls – it’s not always obvious where the source of the water is. That’s why it takes an experienced team to repair a burst pipe quickly. We’ve repaired hundreds of frozen pipes and know how to locate the leak swiftly.

Pipes can also burst when damaged during refurbishment. If you rupture a pipe carrying out DIY projects, don’t wait, call us to repair the pipe straight away. We can put things right again swiftly no matter how the leak occurred.

Trusted Plumbers for Burst Pipe Repairs

We are local to the Ebbw Vale and Merthyr Tydfil area. We also cover Blackwood, Bargoed, Tredegar, and the area within a 20-mile radius. As a family-run business, we can be trusted to deliver a high standard of service for every job we complete.

When you discover a burst pipe or a ruptured tank it can be shocking at first. It’s not always easy to know what to do. It’s important to shut off the water supply if you can. The water to a property can be turned off at the stopcock. The stopcock is often found under the kitchen sink but there are other places it could be. If you can’t find your stopcock, or it won’t turn, call us quickly. Our team of expert plumbers can be with quickly to help shut off the water.

Broken Water Pipes Fixed

Rely on us to locate the cause of the water leak in your home. As water travels, the source of leaking water might take some investigation. When we find the broken pipe, we complete the repair quickly. Whether your pipes are plastic or copper, we fix the problem using quality materials so the repairs will last.

Our experience and training ensure that all our workmanship is first class every time. Contact us for a professional repair to all burst pipes.