We service boilers in the Ebbw Vale and Merthyr Tydfil areas of South Wales. A boiler service is recommended every 12 months to ensure that it is safe to use and works efficiently.

Book an annual service with the team here at Valley Gas. Our engineers are registered as Gas Safe and are fully trained to complete boiler maintenance checks.

Why Service a Boiler?

A boiler service is a close inspection of the appliance. It is carried out to check that everything is working safely and to spot any potential problems before they occur. Annual services are recommended to keep the appliance working effectively, and they are also a requirement of some boiler warranties. Don’t let your warranty lapse because you didn’t have the boiler serviced once every 12 months.

During a service, the internal parts of the boiler will be inspected for wear. Some sections are cleaned and if there are any filters on your boiler, these will be changed. A close check for toxic fumes will be conducted as well as looking for water leaks. The gas pressure and water pressure will be monitored and the flue will be checked for adequate ventilation.

The main focus is on the safety of the boiler. As gas fumes can go unnoticed, you need a professional engineer to assess the boiler at regular appointments to put your mind at rest.

Regular Boiler Maintenance Check

The other advantage to having a boiler service every 12 months is the early detection of faults. During the inspection, our engineers can often spot worn or failing parts before the boiler breaks down. By raising the issue and suggesting the repair early, you avoid having to call out an emergency plumber at an inconvenient time. We are happy to leave a quote for the repairs and come back at a time to suit you.

Once the service is complete we will leave you with a full report and certificate for your records.

How Long Does a Boiler Service Take?

Our engineers have lots of experience carrying out boiler services. An average appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. We can schedule a service for a date and time that suits you.

There is no mess involved and we bring everything we need with us. We will need to have easy access to the boiler so we can remove the cover and see all the internal parts. We will have to check the flue too.

Trust us at Valley Gas to carry out your boiler service cleanly and quickly. Book an appointment with our team today.